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Having large infrastructure is one of the most important factors in the bitumen industry making customers more confident and more reliable for buying bitumen from this company. For this purpose, Sinarad Bitumen Company, as the largest supplier of bitumen in Iran has been able to supply the best bitumen samples for customers and consumers by holding more than 12 major refineries.


This company’s goals are to produce and supply bitumen with modern and global standards. For this reason, we try to become the largest producer and supplier of bitumen different types in the world at the right prices for our customers. In this way, more than half of customers’ demands and ours are provided with very good and special conditions. We will not hesitate to try for seeking any access to these goals and other pioneer goals.

Our customers

The wide business scope of Sinarad bitumen products have made this company to have customers from all over the world. It has also been able to export more than half of the world’s best-produced bitumen samples at very reasonable prices, special packaging and fast delivery and services by exporting consumers required bitumen in the world. If you are also a consumer of bitumen in the world, our contact directions will be open to you.