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What is bitumen?What are the uses of bitumen in Canada?Methods of exporting bitumen to CanadaBulk bitumen exportsExport of barrel bitumenBox bitumen exportBitumen export using special containersPossibility to buy bulk bitumen in CanadaThe largest bitumen supplier in Canada
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bitumen suppliers Canada, Canada is one of the world’s largest importers of high-quality bitumen. In Canada, what is bitumen? Also, many customers are looking for very reasonable prices for bitumen in Canada. In this regard, we can provide the necessary guidance for buyers.

What is bitumen?

What is bitumen?

Bitumen is a black material with a high adhesion property. This material, which is produced from crude oil, is produced, packaged and exported in different samples according to the consumption methods. Different qualities, as well as different models of bitumen, produced make it possible for customers to buy the best available samples according to their needs. Among the items that are very important in the purchase of bitumen, the following can be mentioned:

  • Bitumen viscosity
  • Flash point
  • Price
  • packing
  • Quality
  • Loading and sending method

These can be considered with large bitumen producers and suppliers.

What is bitumen?

What are the uses of bitumen in Canada?

The issues raised in this section will not be limited to Canada. This is true for many companies and countries. Very good samples of bitumen imported from all over the world have the same uses, and this feature has made this product one of the most special products needed in the macro business sector. The most important things that can be mentioned in the bitumen consumption section are the following:

  • Road construction
  • Insulation
  • Production of moisture insulation
  • Sealing
  • Asphalt production
  • Construction

These are the main parts of bitumen consumption in the market around the world. That is why the volume of exports and sales of bitumen in the world market is very high.

What are the uses of bitumen in Canada?

Methods of exporting bitumen to Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries importing large quantities of its products at reasonable prices annually. The import of bitumen to this country has made Canada one of the best countries in the field of buying and selling bitumen. This has led to the study of bitumen export routes to Canada:

Bulk bitumen exports

Buying bulk bitumen is one of the ways to buy bitumen for customers, which has many benefits. Bulk bitumen can only be purchased in some countries so that the best bitumen samples can be easily prepared and used. The following should be considered in the bulk bitumen purchase section:

  • Coordinate with bulk carriers
  • Existence of a port for bulk loading
  • Existence of bulk loading tanks
  • Specific purchase order volume
  • Existence of a port for bulk cargo unloading

These can allow customers to load and sell bitumen in bulk. In this method, we can mention the cheap price of bitumen and also the suitable conditions for buying this product. That’s why many customers ask bitumen refineries or bitumen suppliers to load and supply bulk at the time of ordering bitumen.

Methods of exporting bitumen to Canada

Export of barrel bitumen

Bitumen barrels, supply, and export of bitumen as barrels are another very common method that can be seen in the international bitumen market. The bitumen produced in the factories enters the barrels through special transfer pipes after being prepared, and after complete loading and cooling, the barrel lids are sealed. In cases where customers are reluctant to buy bitumen in bulk, barrel loading is the easiest way possible. In this method, the required tonnage is estimated based on the volume and size of the barrels.

The use of new barrels with first-class steel material has caused the purchased bitumen to heat up with its barrel containers after entering the final destination, and it can be easily emptied and used. Having healthy, first-class barrels is very important for discussing loading, importing, as well as customs in any country. That’s why we use the best samples of bitumen packaging for bitumen production.

One of the things that can be mentioned as a barrel in the bitumen packaging section is the volume of the barrels, which is stated in the following order:

  1. bitumen in 150 kg barrels
  2. bitumen in 180 kg barrels
  3. bitumen in 200 kg barrels
  4. bitumen in 220 kg barrels
  5. bitumen in 250 kg barrels

This model of barrels has its own standards, which are determined and used based on the economic structure of each country.

Box bitumen export

Another way to pack and export bitumen to global markets is to use paper boxes or special boxes. The sale of bitumen in this method is mostly done for areas very close to the producers. This sample of packaging is easily ignited and destroyed when the bitumen is heated due to its very low value. That’s why it’s so affordable. In this regard, the customers who choose this method know that the buyer’s country and the final destination of the exported bitumen will be able to discharge such cargo in their region.

Bitumen export using special containers

Other special methods in the bitumen export sector include bitumen containers. In this method, bitumen is purchased and shipped in molten form. Special containers that can keep the bitumen warm move from the special vessel to the bitumen factory after unloading, where they are filled by the manufacturer’s tanks. Once the containers are fully filled, they are reloaded on ships to be transported to the destination country. These containers allow the bitumen to be kept warm along the way and keep it ready to use as a liquid. After reaching and unloading the cargo at the final destination of the bitumen, it is emptied by a special valve and poured into the discharge bins.

Given the sanctions in many countries around the world, using this method is a bit difficult and will require a lot of coordination.

Bitumen export using special containers

Possibility to buy bulk bitumen in Canada

Examining the possibility of buying bitumen in bulk in this country requires examining the possibilities offered by manufacturing and supply companies. This alone can provide the best service for many bitumen consumers. In this way, it is enough for the buyer and consumer companies to determine their required volume according to the connection they have with the largest bitumen production company in Iran and announce that they make their purchase in bulk or barrels.

In this regard, the consulting team of Sinarad bitumen Manufacturing Company will provide the best services and the best advice for buyers.

Possibility to buy bulk bitumen in Canada

The largest bitumen supplier in Canada

Due to having more than 12 large refineries and about 15 strategic areas for loading and unloading bitumen, this company has been able to provide the best services for customers in the field of export and purchase and sale of bitumen. All you have to do is contact us through the communication channels and offer the best order for buying and selling bitumen.

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