Sinarad bitumen company Introduction (Sinab co)

Sinabco with trust in God and daily efforts was launched on March 2013.  And it was working as a massive economic entity in supplying, sale and export of the highest quality produced bitumen samples in Iran. This company, with its special privileges in the field of supplying famous brands of bitumen market in Iran, has been able to supply a large tonnage of bitumen to the customers in the domestic and exporting markets, and make easier to buy and import for this category of customers. The widespread presence of this company for bitumen exporting from Iran to various parts of the Middle East, Europe and Africa, as well as the significant volumes sale of different bitumen types required by customers in the domestic market in various ways, has made Sinabco company, the most successful company in the bitumen supply and sale in Iran and the exporting markets of this product. Utilizing skilled and experienced managers in the sales and exporting sectors, applying international and domestic laws in the sales sector ,is a reason why this trading company can easily provide the largest markets for bitumen purchase and sale in both inside and outside Iran. Powerful International presence has allowed this company to have a wider market with much better customer service and deliver its bitumen and oil derivatives in many global markets.

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Chief executive officer message

By taking divine blessings and enjoying the stored energy in Iran, as well as in the process of international trade with other countries, we decided to have a vast presence in the largest buying and selling markets and make Iran as one of the largest industrial and successful industrialized countries in the global marketplace. This issue requires a lot of efforts, human resources utilizing, various science and this collection will use all facilities of the country in its development way and will provide the best results for all colleagues, costumers, companies and Iran.

We hope to remain honest and courageous in the largest domestic and international markets and bring the best results to the situation of the country’s economy and all young people in Iran.

In this way, we will be ready to cooperate with all individuals, companies and experts of the domestic and foreign trade market, so its progress will be faster and more successfully and bring the best honors to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Chief executive officer of Sinarad Bitumen International Trading Company

Sina Farajadi


Organizational values

The organizational health and reliability of all stakeholders and customers, as well as the important issue of empowering employees, paying attention to the target markets and customers’ needs in the domestic and international markets, constructive and growing engagement with all domestic and foreign competitors has made this company to be recognized as one of the most reputable and trusted suppliers of bitumen in Iran and abroad.

Sinabucco also consider the following values ​​on its agenda:


Integrated Management system and Policy

We believe that being commitment to continuous improvement, compliance with regulatory requirements and standards, promoting a culture of self-esteem, self-control and participation of all stakeholders and development will provide an environment full of empathy and intimacy, the prosperity and success for the company. Certainly, Sinarad bitumen methodology will determine the required standard for active companies in this area in Iran, the region and the world.

Missions, Programs and Projects

Selling, supplying and trading bitumen and related products, providing knowledge solutions in the field of bitumen and managing the elements influencing the industry value chain, for value creation for stakeholders.

Attending the important conferences and target markets for bitumen, which can provide a more straightforward connection for Sinarad bitumen customers with this trading company.

The use of new bitumen trading methods will make it even more widespread.

The specialist personnel training in the supply and sale sector at the company’s commercial offices in other target countries, which will have a great power in attracting the trust of international customers.


Sinarad bitumen Company by acquiring the leading knowledge and technology in the marketing supplying and sale sector ,committed employees and protecting customer information and target markets over the next 10 years, is one of the first two places to sell, supply and trade bitumen and bitumen products in the region and the 5th highest ranking of the world.

In the short term, this company intends to bring together all the markets for trading and sales of bitumen on the largest stock market of this product and maximizes the return on purchase and sales of bitumen to all producers and consumers.

Sinabco also plans to reach the world-wide supplying of the highest qualified bitumen samples on the domestic and export markets by 1400, with the annual supply of about 3 million tons of bitumen, which is not far from by this company selling activity process and more than 50% of it is being realized.

In this way, this company achieved various progress due to its modern system. On the other hand, there are many side progresses that can be observed along with the trade route of bitumen for this business company and its subsidiary companies and it can be mentioned as another side perspective.Also, Sinarad Bitumen Company has provided a great deal of development and It has easily eliminated many obstacles  and problems in this area.

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