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It is a kind of bitumen, which is provided during the process of oxidation of vacuum bottom the bitumen production feed stock that derives from distillation tower residue in vacuum oil refineries at bitumen production units.


Bitumen Emulsions is suitable for road works construction of highways, expressways, and airports, owing to its various advantages including 1- short Setting rate 2- rapid drying time between 2 to 8 hours ) 3- lack of petroleum Or diesel (fuel oil) in its production process, 4- no need for a heater during Storage, transportation and spray and 5- use of water in its production. it is easily and quickly sprayed for applications of tack coat, prime coat, fog seal and mulching. it is cheaper, easier to apply and more adhesive as a binder than traditional Cutbacks like RC, MC or SC.


  • Gilsonite powder consumption is very large in many industries.¬†Access to the most desirable examples of gilsonite powder through the greatest possible supplier companies.¬†But you must know who is the largest manufacturer and supplier of gilsonite powder types in the global market.

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Sinabco with trust in God and daily efforts was launched on March 2013. And it was working as a massive economic entity in supplying, sale and export of the highest quality produced bitumen samples in Iran. This company, with its special privileges in the field of supplying famous brands of bitumen market in Iran, has been able to supply a large tonnage of bitumen to the customers in the domestic and exporting markets, and make easier to buy and import for this category of customers. The widespread presence of this company for bitumen exporting from Iran to various parts of the Middle East, Europe and Africa, as well as the significant volumes sale of different bitumen types required by customers in the domestic market in various ways, has made Sinabco company, the most successful company in the bitumen supply and sale in Iran and the exporting markets of this product.

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