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The Sinarad Bitumen company (Sinabco) because access to the largest oil refineries in the country and the factory production of petroleum products, has the best products for the customers.
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Sinarad Bitumen Company is the biggest bitumen supplier in Iran.

Our company can be the best examples of the bitumen to supply export license.

Bitumen that we can supply are :

Bitumen 60/70

Bitumen 85/100

Bitumen 40/50

Emulsion Bitumen

PG Bitumen

VG Bitumen : VG10  VG20  VG30  VG40

Tar Paper

Insulation roof has caused the company to produce Sinarad bitumen company, bituminous insulation types directly. This is a product which tar paper in Iran. Very good to export around the world. Access to a variety of high quality bitumen manufacturing company for the production of this product has caused most tar paper quality for customers.
You can also communicate with the best samples of tar paper manufacturing company with appropriate prices.


The mine is producing bitumen in Iran are very high. In this mine can be the most desirable examples of bitumen with reasonable prices. To buy bitumen in the form of a powder or a hunk in Iran is very simple.
The Sinarad Company of the largest bitumen bitumen mine owners in Iran. The company has managed the best samples of bitumen to more than 50 countries around the world. To purchase this sample of bitumen in Iran with us.


The most important parts of the roads found in every town and country. The road is the only route through the dry terrain of communication which can be used with the humans and a lot of light and heavy cargo to move. Communication path a lot of cities and countries through roads. So in order to have a very good road routes of the main requirements of a country. The road to being made need to be the best example of bitumen. Sinarad bitumen supplier bitumen this company in the world.