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bitumen price in India

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There are advantages in Indian country for Iran bitumen

Bitumen price is very expensive in India. This price Makes many of costumers want to import bitumen from other countries. So Iran is one of the best bitumen suppliers for India in Asia. Iran sales its bitumen in 180 kg drums. We supply the best bitumen in drums in India with a good price and high quality. Iran bitumen can getting Indians costumers attention with its quality.

Bitumen buy is very simple in India. Sinarad bitumen company is one of the biggest bitumen seller from Iran to India. Sinarad can offer best bitumen prices for you. Our bitumen earned best markets in India. We can offer the best and real analytics for our grade A bitumen to consumers. Iran bitumen exporting to India Has started. You can buy the best bitumen from our company easily. On other hands, bitumen loading from Iran to India is very easy.

Bitumen drums that made in Iran have a good market in India so that India is the 3th biggest market for Iran bitumen.

Sinarad bitumen company is ready to sale the high quality bitumen samples to India markets with grade 60/70 and 85/100.

Our specialty is the best type of bitumen exports to the Asian country. To do this we have the best Navigator service and affordable transportation for you.

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